Meet the Roundtree Team: Kristina Arnold

May 27, 2020 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Kristina Arnold is a relatively new addition to the Roundtree Landscaping team. Kristina has a passion for landscaping and the outdoors, with a keen focus on native plants and learning about landscape design. Kristina is the only woman on an all man landscape maintenance crew and keeps up with everyone when it comes to all types of work, from mowing to loading! Kristina focuses on the detailed aspects of horticultural plant maintenance to keep our clients properties looking their absolute best. You may not always be aware of all the fine-tuning Kristina provides when it comes to plant care, but if you would certainly notice if her handy work was missing.

Before Kristina joined Roundtree, she worked in several different fields, including the restaurant industry and retail. With a desire to educate herself about landscape design and to work in the landscaping industry, Kristina decided to take the opportunity to meet with Roundtree owner, Johnette Taylor, at a local meet-and-greet at North Haven Gardens. After a great first meeting, Kristina was later hired on as a part of horticultural services to learn the ropes of landscape maintenance and plant care.

As a part of the Roundtree team, Kristina continues to educate herself with the goal of pursuing a degree in landscape design or landscape architecture. Kristina feels it is important to always keep learning and loves taking classes that help her advance her knowledge and skills. She is currently studying to become a certified landscape association with TNLA (Texas Nursery and Landscape Association).

What’s Kristina’s favorite part of her job? Detailed plant pruning. She loves working with overgrown plants to transition them from ragged or untamed into beautiful landscape specimens. Her favorite plant (at the moment) is pink magenta Cosmos. She loves the graceful stems and orderly – yet flamboyant – flower petals.


Fun fact about Kristina: She is a big fan and follower of all the National Food Days. In fact, if you ask her, she will tell you there are only three days out of the year that are not assigned to a specific food! The day of this interview was National Gingerbread Day, and Kristina was excited about the upcoming applesauce cake and chocolate ice cream days!

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