Roundtree Client Testimonial: Dean Fearing

June 10, 2020 | By rli-admin

Fearing Residence Landscape

Your landscape can make all the difference when it comes to loving, or leaving, your current home. Unattractive views, lack of privacy, or poor landscape layout – issues that may not have been deal breakers when you bought your home – can eventually drive you to give up and start all over with a new property. Easier said than done. We all know moving is not only a huge hassle, but finding a better home and landscape is also challenging depending on timing and available real estate. Available listings in the Dallas market have been slim the last few years, forcing many homeowners to consider renovation rather than making a move to a new home.

Move or Renovate?

Such was the case when we worked with renown Dallas chef Dean Fearing to renovate and refresh his existing landscape. “We searched extensively for another home and property we liked, without the views we were hoping to escape, but just couldn’t find the stretch of area we have with our existing property” Fearing said. There were certain features and other nearby properties Fearing did not want to see anymore when he stepped out his front door. With new builds soon to go up nearby, privacy was also a growing concern.

The circular drive, and less than ideal view was replaced with a private green courtyard.

Transform Non-functional Spaces

Once Fearing decided to stay put and renovate his existing home, Roundtree Landscaping was brought in to help turn the existing non-functional landscape into a space the family could love to live in. “Johnette has done so much for us” says Fearing as he admires his landscape, which is about a year old and growing in quite nicely. The front yard, which was once dominated by an open circular driveway and complete lack of privacy, is now transformed into a private green courtyard with space to relax and enjoy garden foliage and flowers. The views that once vexed Fearing are no longer visible, and the family now enjoys a whole new outdoor living space.

Front door before and after

"We love our garden and entertaining space now. It’s so much more enjoyable to use, not to mention much more private" says Fearing

He is also happy to see honeybees now visiting the flowers around the garden.

Drainage Matters

Serious landscape drainage issues, which continually caused water build up in the driveway and gravel to be washed out into the street, were solved by installing a special drainage and pump system; and reconfiguring the driveway to allow for the creation of the front yard courtyard and seating area.

Easy Entertaining

When it came time to make the backyard entertaining and doggy friendly, Roundtree converted the pool-adjacent lawn to faux turf (artificial lawn). Lack of sunlight meant the previous lawn area was always thin, patchy, and muddy. “We were having to re-sod the lawn every year. Now we can entertain without having to worry about muddy feet, or paws”. Roundtree also created a contemporary stone patio area complemented by shade tolerant privacy plantings.

Faux turf was the best solution for this lower light area where lawn grasses simply didn't thrive.

Tucked into the backyard, just beyond a new functional dog run, now sits a secluded and private stone patio and seating area. “We’d considered trying to put up a larger fence with vines to create more privacy, but Johnette came in with a better plan for plantings that look beautiful and created the privacy we needed.” Roundtree was able to use existing stones to renovate the patio, complemented by clean and simple shade plantings. It is the perfect place for a quiet cup of morning coffee.

Left: Roundtree created a secluded stone patio in the backyard. 
Right: Shade plantings and contemporary stone work complement the pool and entertaining area.

Creating outdoor spaces that offer a sense of beauty, calm, and privacy can transform your home life. Especially when faced with months of stay-at-home orders or quarantines. Many homeowners turned to their gardens and outdoor spaces this spring to find respite from the stress of extended shutdowns and the transition to working from home.  “Spending time in this home and landscape during the quarantine was such a better experience than it would have been before we renovated” said Fearing. The next planned addition Roundtree will make to the landscape is a small herb and vegetable garden. Fearing is looking forward to growing and harvesting fresh garden-to-table herbs and veggies.

“Every time we work on a project, I bring the strength of my entire team” says Johnette Taylor, owner of Roundtree Landscaping. “Clients may see me regularly, but it takes lots of dedicated staff to make beautiful landscapes happen!”

Be sure to check out Dean's amazing cookbook, The Texas Food Bible


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