Pagewood II HOA Clubhouse

Conveniently located just minutes from Central Expressway and LBJ Freeway, Pagewood II is an appealing, low-traffic, residential neighborhood. The community of 178 townhomes was originally established in 1973. Major improvements planned for 2017 include the re-asphalting of alleys & carports and the first phase of re-landscaping as part of the master landscape plan. Here at Roundtree, we're focused on the landscaping renovations, starting with the Clubhouse entrance. This shady environment needed to be updated where lawn was no longer growing successfully. As trees mature and cast more shade, lawns will always suffer. Once there is a predominance of shade, it's always best to consider renovating the area with a mixture of plants that will better tolerate shade. We also wanted to give the foundation a fresh look by extending the beds and removing dated boxed hedges to establish more Texas Tough shade plants, such as oakleaf hydrangea. Their beautiful blooms are showy in shade. We also chose Indigofera, or Chinese Indigo, to plant en masse for a soft filler. This is a tough little plant that produces masses of pink blooms, and will tolerate low-maintenance shady areas. Ornamental grasses that tolerate some shade were also planted. Containers were updated to freshen the area with seasonal color. The entry to the clubhouse now looks much more inviting and contemporary - just the upgrade this community deserves!

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Collaboration with the Dallas Arboretum and First Men's Garden Club of Dallas.

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