Landscape Sales & Design

 Beautifying the Earth one yard at a time.

Is it time for a change? Ready for a chance to up your design game and leave your mark? Our clients are waiting for you to jump in and bring their landscape and outdoor living dreams to life. Do not miss this exciting opportunity to join our team and bring your design career dreams to life!

We know your type: You look around at many local landscapes and think “I could do so much better”. You know the homeowner certainly deserves better. They deserve a jaw-dropping landscape that is the envy of the neighborhood and makes them happy; on-time, on budget, and without a hassle. You are the landscape architect or designer who can deliver that turnkey experience. You are not shy about using your imagination and walking your clients step-by-step through all the design possibilities. Selling them on a quality job does not scare you…because landing the right sale at the right price means you get to create an amazing landscape. Your clients win, and so do you.

When it comes to design you have a strong sense of aesthetics, stay up to speed with all current trends, and keep your technical skills well-honed. You relish a design challenge and solving problems is just part of your natural process. You know that no landscape design is successful without a solid knowledge of horticulture, the right plant choices, and a plan for long-term care. Partnering closely with the construction and production team to properly manifest your design is how you prefer to work. You are just as happy getting your hands dirty outdoors as you are at the design table.

You enjoy collaborating with people and know that listening to the client is the key to understanding their needs and desires. Your goal is to make them happy, so you are always patient. But you are also time and budget sensitive and know their value; clearly and honestly managing expectations upfront is the best way to prevent delays or disappointment on the back end. How do you handle complaints? In stride. Complaints are always an opportunity for you to forge a stronger client relationship and build trust.

Waiting around for instructions is not your style. You are a creative self-starter and you are used to having multiple irons in the fire. This means you stay organized and keep on top of necessary paperwork, so jobs get completed on time and details do not fall through the cracks.

You are not looking to company hop at this stage in your career: you are ready to put down roots in a caring and collaborative environment where you can grow and thrive…just like your designs! You play well with others; and while you know exactly where you want to put your cheese, you are ok with someone moving it now and then.

Job Duties

Expect your day-to-day activities to vary widely, from client meetings, to proposal writing, to designing, to meeting crews out on the job site to ensure project quality. Plus, there is always some necessary account upkeep to manage.

Professional Preferences:

Up-to-Date Relevant Certifications and a commitment to ongoing education

Are you bi-lingual (English/Spanish)? If so, that would be awesome!

Professional Requirements:

Email Your attached Application and Resume HERE.



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