Landscape Irrigation

Managing water is key to a healthy landscape...

We recognize the investment your landscape represents for your home and property. With water concerns rising, it's important to keep up with the most current water-saving irrigation technology. Here at Roundtree Landscaping, we specialize in installing new water-saving irrigation systems and renovating your old system to be more efficient.

Our irrigation services in combination with our maintenance services help ensure your landscape continues to thrive and grow in value throughout the years.

We offer the following landscape irrigation services:

We also offer two annual maintenance plans for irrigation system service:

Service Plan 1: Eight inspections a year: January, March, May, June, July, August, September, November.

Service Plan 2: Twelve inspections a year: Once each month.

Stay-at-Home Irrigation Specials: Control Your Irrigation Remotely, No Contact Needed!

Installation packages starting at $195

We are all working hard to stay safe, healthy, and Covid-19 Compliant. We know many of you need to limit all in-person contact for your home and landscaping services. Minimizing our direct contact with you, while keeping your irrigation working properly and your landscape healthy, requires some innovation. We are happy to announce that we can now make remote control and monitoring of your irrigation system both possible and affordable.

Want to have easy remote control of your irrigation system, without getting hands on? We can update your system using the Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module. With the LNK Wi-Fi Module and Rain Bird’s FREE mobile app, users get access to off-site management, real-time alerts and advanced water management tools via your smartphone or tablet. It can even be set up to be controlled with Alexa, Google Assistant and 

The Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module system also allows us to monitor and manage your irrigation system for you, no contact needed!

In addition to special pricing, if you contact us with in the next 60 days, Starting May 1, 2020,  to schedule your Wi-Fi Module installation, or new controller installation, our special Stay-a-Home special includes a complementary follow up visit by our irrigation team to check on your system, ensure it is working properly, make minor irrigation schedule adjustments to the controller as needed, and check your rain/freeze sensor. Follow-up visits will be scheduled 30-60 days after installation.

RAIN BIRD PACKAGE: $195.  We will visit your property (no contact needed, we just need access to your irrigation controller) and perform an irrigation audit on your existing irrigation system and Wi-Fi compatible controller*. The audit will help identify any existing issues with your irrigation and we will provide you with a list of recommendations. We will then install the Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module, and you will be ready to go with remote monitoring! Add a rain/freeze sensor installation for a special total package price of $399.

HUNTER PACKAGE: $225. If you have a Wi-Fi compatible Hunter irrigation controller, we can perform the audit and install the LNK Wi-Fi module. Add a rain/freeze sensor installation for a special total package price of $425.

Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module Features

*Can be used with Wi-Fi ready controllers (ESP-Me and ESP-TM2) manufactured after November 2, 2016. For ESP-Me controllers built prior to November 2016, a new Wi-Fi compatible controller will need to be installed.

We have several price packages available for installing new Wi-Fi compatible Rain Bird, Hunter, and Weathermatic controllers. Our team can review all the options to help choose the right fit for your needs.

Serious Garden Goals?

WEATHERMATIC PACKAGE: $299. For the ultimate irrigation programming customization - and remote monitoring and control capabilities - you can upgrade to the Weathermatic Smart Controller and Smart Link system. If you have an existing Weathermatic Smart Controller, and want the Smart Link system installed, we have a special package price of $299 for an irrigation audit, and Smart Link installation. There is an annual subscription price of $225 to maintain your Smart Link account.

RAIN/FREEZE SENSOR: $225 installed (Rain Bird/Hunter) $250 installed (Weathermatic). Rain/Freeze sensors are required by the State of Texas on all automated irrigation systems. We can add or replace a sensor to your existing system. Sensor installation offered at special prices within our Stay-at-Home specials. When we perform your irrigation audit, we will check to make sure your sensor is working properly. If not, or you need a new sensor installed, we will install a new sensor during our visit.

To configure all new Wi-Fi controllers, we will need access to your Wi-Fi password. We can then remotely connect your system on our smartphones, which do not save your password. You may also change your password after we are finished. To maintain no-contact, we can email you instructions to connect you remotely to your controller.

We also have Wi-Fi remote control specials for Hunter and Weathermatic controllers, as well as special packages for new controller and rain/freeze sensor installation. All special packages include a Complementary Follow-Up Visit when you schedule in the next 60 days (starting May 1, 2020) CONTACT US for details!

Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality (TCEQ), MC-178, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087. TCEQ’s website:  Johnette R. Taylor, Licensed Irrigator, #LI0004051


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