Landscape Maintenance

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The final step of the design process is property management and maintenance. A maintenance plan is often overlooked by homeowners after a new installation is completed. It's exciting to have a new landscape completed, but now how will you keep it looking it's best? You may wish to do some of your garden upkeep on your own; however if you're a reluctant DIYer, we offer several maintenance options for our customers. Our maintenance division is staffed with skilled horticulture experts to service your property. We consider every property unique and will develop a maintenance program to care for your specific landscape.

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We don't just mow your lawn: We make sure all maintenance is performed with plant health and water useage in mind.  All of our employees participate in weekly training, with our maintenance staff focusing on diseases, insects, organic and chemical treatments, pruning, and other horticulture techniques and processes. Our focus will be to complete and maintain the original design intent for your property through our landscape maintenance program.

We offer the following landscape maintenance services:

Our partnership with Soil’s Alive offers an all organic program making sure all your plants are as healthy as possible and your property looks it’s best.  Soil’s Alive technicians work closely with Roundtree account representatives and managers to catch diseases, insects and plant problems quickly or prevent them from happening. Well trained crews on site and account representatives act as your personal property manager to let you know how things are doing. 


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