Creeping Sedum: Easy Maintenance Groundcover

February 24, 2014 | By Roundtree Landscaping

We all have those spots in the landscape: It get’s a bit too much sun, typically not enough water, but is still in plain view and an important focal point. A groundcover that loves the sun, requires little water and stays evergreen sounds like a great solution for a spot like this! Sedum might be your perfect solution plant.

No matter how big or small your space, or what color you love, there is probably a sedum variety to fit the bill. Blue-green, chartruese, deep forest green, yellow flowers, white flowers, even pink flowers, are all part of sedum’s extensive color palette.

RLI sedum blue spruce

For low growing, creeping varieties we highly recommend Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’. Within a season or two, this blue-green sedum will cover a good sized area. In spring and summer it blooms with bright yellow flowers. To brighten a border, try neon green ‘Angelina’. In rock gardens, ‘Sea & Stars’ is a tiny variety with delicate white blooms that’s perfect to grow between stones or along a path. Fast-growing Sedum spathulifolium is a pale gray color with bright yellow flowers in summer that will cover an area in no time. Love reds, pinks and purples? There are many varieties in shades of bright ruby to pale pink such as the diminutive ‘Dragon’s Blood’ or ‘Autumn Joy’ that grows up to 18-inches tall.

RLI sedum angelina

Many varieties will tolerate afternoon sun, so don’t be afraid to try planting sedum in many different spots in the landscape, even containers! For the first year, feed and water regularly. Once established plants will require less care and water. Sedums don't tolerate wet soils for long, so be sure not to over-water with your irrigation system. Soon, you too might become addicted to this beautiful, fun, easy-maintenance plant!

For more sedum inspiration, visit our SUCCULENTS Idea Book on Houzz.


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