Prepping for the Holidays

December 1, 2018 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Somehow, December sneaked up on us and it’s the time for holiday parties. But, are you worried about your landscape looking as pretty as your perfectly decorated home? Don’t panic! We have you covered with tips for freshening up for the holidays.

We find the best way to add a little holiday to your landscape is to start with your container plantings. Following our guidelines below to get your landscape in shape for the holidays.

The colorful additions

Like most people, we love to start with the color. And despite cold temperatures, there are no shortages of color options in the winter months. Cyclamen come in the most vivid of holiday colors (white, red, and pinks, too!) and can be found at all local garden centers. They do best in shady situations. For your sunny locations, we always suggest the hardy pansy or viola. To give a little height to your container plants, add in snapdragons. Alyssum is best for a low-growing plant to spill over the edges of containers.

Cyclamen are a cheery option for shade and part-shade situations.

Add interesting edibles

Did you know you can grow edibles outside in the winter? You can! Kale and cabbage, swiss chard, along with parsley and cilantro make delicious and lovely additions to container plantings. We suggest the large blue-green leaves of dinosaur kale, or the aptly named ‘Peppermint’ swiss chard.  

Swiss Chard and Kale are beautiful and delicious options for hardy winter containers.

The anchoring plants

When selecting container plants, it’s necessary to choose some plants with height that help to anchor the design. Rosemary and small junipers that are trimmed into Christmas tree form add a special festive touch. Dwarf boxwood and nandina are also great options.

Dwarf nandina looks great placed in the back of containers.

Create a textural holiday

The best part of holiday container design is the natural elements that can be incorporated. Branches such as curly willow, red-twig dogwood, and holly add interesting dimension and textures. Fresh cut fir, cedar and spruce greens smell wonderful and put you in the holiday mood. Natural elements can be added into an already existing design as an accent, or can be used exclusively to create holiday masterpieces.

Leaves and Mulch

If your trees left you a little gift over the past few weeks, making for a messy yard, a simple leaf clean-up makes a huge difference. Call us for a leaf removal and a new, refreshing layer of mulch, then get to partying the night away.


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