Spring Has Sprung

April 4, 2012 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Here are some timely tips and tricks for your April landscape in North Texas:

Spring Flowers

  • Continue planting trees, shrubs and roses. Also, be sure to fertilize the root ball and be prepared to hand water during the first growing season and throughout summertime. Water saving devices such as “Gator Bags” can help you get the job done.
  • Don’t forget to prune the trees, shrubs and reshape new and old growth. However, wait to trim spring flowering shrubs and vines such as forsythia, quince, wisteria, spirea, Indian Hawthorne, azaleas and lorapetalum until flowering is finished.
  • Before adding new plants in your landscape find your Plant Hardiness Zone. For example, if you are in Dallas, Texas your Hardiness Zone is 8. Plants rated for Hardiness Zone 8 will more likely thrive in this area. Plants with a higher number are more tropical and can freeze in our winter cold. Plants with a lower zone number will like our spring and fall, but may die in the heat of a Texas summer; choose carefully. See USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map: South-Midwest US.


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