Landscape looking sad? It’s probably time to fertilize!

April 21, 2014 | By Roundtree Landscaping

When was the last time your trees and shrubs had a meal? Did you know your plants get hungry? It’s easy to forget to feed trees and garden plants that seem to be pretty self-sufficient for the most part. But nutrients in the soil do deplete over time, leaving your landscape starved. In order for them to grow and thrive, you’re going to have to provide them a meal from time to time. Building healthy soil also goes a long way to keeping plants healthy.

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Failure to fertilize landscapes is a common cause for overall decline.

Spring and early fall are optimal times to provide a general fertilization to hungry trees and shrubs such as roses, live oaks, hollies, and pretty much all other landscape plants. As plants are coming out of their winter dormancy and warming temperatures encourage new growth, plants need supplemental nutrients.

The three most important nutrients for plant growth are:

Nitrogen for green leafy top growth.

Phosphorus to stimulate vigorous root growth and flower production.

Potassium needed for good nutrient transport, structural integrity and helps plants withstand the elements.

Overall, healthy, well-fed trees and shrubs are better able to tolerate temperature, drought, pests and diseases. Have more questions about when and how to feed your plants, join us on Facebook!


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