Landscaping Problem Solver: Need a Dog Run?

September 10, 2019 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Do you have a less-than-beautiful side yard you aren’t sure what to do with it? Do you also have a beloved dog who likes to make a mess of your landscape? We’ve got a landscape solution for you: Let’s build a dog run!

While we love to find ways to integrate your 4-legged friends happily into your main landscape, they sometimes need their own separate space. A secure place they can run, do their business, or be sequestered from company from time to time. A dog run can fulfill your pet’s needs while making good use of a once useless side yard. 

Tips for Creating the Best Dog Run

Artificial turf

It’s not a secret that dogs can quickly tear up lawngrasses, especially when they run back & forth on the same path daily. Artificial grass can offer up a good alternative to dirt or dying grass. Plus it’s softer, cooler, and green year round. Bonus: it is super easy to wash away pet waste with a hose. Artificial turf has a water permeable backing which easily allows water to seep right into the soil.

Artificial turf is perfect for dog runs.


Summer shade is non-negotiable here in Texas. Make sure there is existing shade in your side yard for your furry friends from the intense summer heat. If there’s no shade, let’s plant or build some! This may mean providing a dog house that can be shelter in both the summer and winter, and then shading the structure with plantings or a canopy.


Fencing for a dog run is a no brainer. But not all fencing is alike - or sturdy enough for your particular dog. You’ll need fencing materials that don’t allow your dog to squeeze out of the enclosure. But many dogs want to be able to see what’s going on outside of the fence, so they don’t feel trapped. If you have a solid fence, consider building in a small “window” that allows your dog to see outside.

Tip: Depending on your dog’s breed, fencing should be 3-8’ tall.

Keep their interest

You don’t want your pets to be bored when they have to spend time in their dog run. Make sure to provide some activities that stimulate their senses. Perhaps this is where you can locate a sandbox for them to dig, or you could make your own doggy obstacle course to keep them busy. Zoning in on breed specific needs will help when planning for stimulation in the dog run.

If you need help converting your unutilized space into a secure space for your dogs, give us a call. We’d love to put together a plan that is a problem solver for both you and your pets.


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