Are Mosquitoes Biting? Top Solutions to Make Mosquitoes Disappear!

July 25, 2017 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Summer days are hot in Texas, so you probably aren’t spending a lot of time out on the patio until temperatures cool a bit in the evening. But just as you’re settling in to relax after a hard day, the biters arrive to ruin your fun. Mosquitoes might be small, but they sure do cause big problems. From itchy welts to the potential of contracting West Nile virus, there are many reasons to be proactive about preventing these pests in your landscape. So, which mosquito treatments really work?

Prevention is always best

Easy ways to make your landscape less appealing for unwanted biters:

  • Reduce standing water by emptying containers, buckets, wheelbarrows or any other container that may hold standing water. Mosquitoes only need a few drops of water in which to lay eggs.
  • Attract birds, bats, reptiles or other wildlife to your landscape that eat mosquitoes. While they won’t eradicate mosquitoes from your yard, they will help reduce populations.
  • Keep gutters clear of debris so they don’t hold standing water.
  • Repair outdoor spigots and leaky irrigation heads.
  • Keep rain barrel’s top screen properly secure.
  • Don’t overwater your landscape during mosquito season.

Traps & Treatments

Dynatraps are popular these days. Why are some calling them the “hot new thing” in mosquito control? According to their website, they are “safe, silent, and simple. These attractive lanterns emit UV light and a burst of CO2 to lure the mosquitoes to the trap, then a powerful, but quiet fan sweeps them into the retaining cage. They cover ¼ to 1 acre of property and even have indoor units.

Mosquito Bits & Dunks are a natural way to keep your yard mosquito free. Mosquito Bits & Dunks contain the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bt), which kills mosquito larvae by destroying the digestive system and keeping them from becoming adult mosquitoes. That means that the larvae never mature into adults and you can significantly reduce the overall mosquito population. Simply sprinkle the bits under shrubs where you run irrigation, around water spigots, in drains, and anywhere the ground is moist or there is standing water. Drop the dunks into ponds, streams, fountains, or unattended pools. Mosquito bits are safe for you and your family, as well as wildlife, fish, and your pets.

Aromatic oils and repellents: For example, Skeeter Screen makes an assortment of organic products that are safe for the environment and keep pesky mosquitoes away. Each product is DEET free and uses essential oils in a floral scent that mosquitoes hate but humans love. Choose from spreadable crumbles you can apply to your landscape, an egg-shaped essential oil hanger, a candle, personal spray and more. They even make a pet spray.

Misting Systems

You can also have misting systems installed around your home to repel or kill mosquitoes. Systems that use natural botanical extracts can naturally repel mosquitoes from around your home and entertaining areas. There are also insecticides that can be emitted from misting systems to kill mosquitoes that come in contact with the mist; you should make sure to discuss the type of insecticide used to make sure you’re comfortable with it’s impact on the surrounding environment or to address any health concerns.


The scent of cedar is also effective at repelling mosquitoes. There are sprays that can be applied around your property, in shrubs and lawn areas, that can keep mosquitoes away for short periods of time. There are also granules that you can put down in your landscape that do the same. Cedar mulch also emits an aroma that mosquitoes don’t like. If you haven’t mulched for summer yet, consider choosing cedar mulch.

Not a DIY’er and looking for a service to reduce your mosquito populations? If you’re one of our maintenance clients, we can apply natural mosquito sprays every other week during the peak biting season from March through September. Mosquitoes are deterred using natural means that are approved by the EPA, safe to use around humans and pets, and don’t harm beneficial insects.

Do you have gathering coming up or just want to enjoy your outdoor space without dousing yourself in bug spray? We can help you explore options to keep your landscape mosquito free.


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