Is Your Lawn Worn Out? Re-sod through fall

July 24, 2017 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Is your lawn in need of major repair? Does it need replacing? If so, now’s the time to plan. While spring is the most popular time for new landscape installations, the summer that follows here in Texas can be tough on new plantings. Our intense summer heat can make putting down roots a slower process and one that requires more water.

However, if you’re installing a warm season lawn, summer is is the most active growing season for lawngrasses. So, you can re-sod in summer if your local watering restrictions afford you the ability to water it enough to get it established. And, you make sure to work with a professional landscaper and licensed irrigator who knows how to get the job done right.

Or, you can wait till the end of summer and early fall, when days are still warm, but night temperatures begin to cool. Fall is a great time for planting just about everything in Texas.


If you've had serious grass dieback, it's likely that your soil is part of the problem. Drainage issues and soil compaction can create big problems for any kind of plant, so your first step is to loosen soil using traditional garden tools, such as a digging fork or perhaps an aerator for larger areas. The more thoroughly you do this, the better results you will have. Plants love to grow in fluffy, loose soil that allows plenty of water to flow through. Take special care around tree roots so as not to disturb them. After loosening, you will need to rake the area smooth and then tamp the soil down using a roller or by gently walking across smaller spots.

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After the sod is in place, you will need to keep the new roots from drying out. Watering thoroughly is more important than a constant spray. Give the newly planted lawn a deep soak. Your goal is to get plenty of moisture to the loose soil underneath, to encourage roots to work their way down. If you just spritz the sod surface, the roots won't get what they need in the long run for a strong healthy lawn. Water daily at first, then back off to every other day for a few weeks. After a month or so, twice weekly will be adequate if you're watering deeply.

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  • St. Augustine is a classic choice for our area and has the best shade tolerance. But remember, even St. Augustine needs a good 4-6 hours of sun each day!
  • Bermuda has thinner blades for a golf course look that's great for full sun locations.
  • Another local favorite is Zoysia for full sun, which has a nice emerald color and a fine blade texture. ‘Zeon’ Zoysia has a bit better shade tolerance.
  • For natural looking, highly drought tolerant lawns, plant buffalo grass.

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