EasyTurf: Can You Believe It’s Not Real?

October 23, 2014 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Do you have a trouble spot in your landscape? Perhaps a pool area that becomes wet and muddy as guests (or the dogs!) get in and out of the pool? Maybe you just have too much shade to successfully grow a lush lawn. Sometimes there are spaces in our landscapes that just aren’t suited to growing the types of plants we want to see thrive.

We recently installed an “evergreen”, low maintenance, gorgeous lawn around the swimming pool of client who was struggling with the space.

They were looking for a landscape that was truly drought tolerant but also sturdy, livable, and beautiful. The small area around the pool bears a lot of foot traffic and mowing and maintenance was difficult without making a big mess in the pool. Our solution: EasyTurf!

We know...we’re a landscaping company. You might wonder why we’d ever opt for “fake plants” in a landscape. Well, for all the reasons we stated above, sometimes faux is the better way to go. By using artificial turf in this type of space, we were able to make it useable for the homeowner while at the same time keeping the overall look very lush and attractive. You can’t get much more water-wise than this!

We complimented the EasyTurf lawn with Texas-tough shade trees, perennials and shrubs. These homeowners now have a beautiful landscape that they don’t have to spend much time grooming or worrying about.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Looking for more info on EasyTurf? Look back at a recent blog post here about why EasyTurf impresses us.


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