Looking for some examples of our landscaping work? Take a moment to look through our portfolio to view photos of some of the landscapes we've designed over the years. You can scroll through the list to select a phot gallery. Projects are also grouped by categories, such as such as patios, pergolas and pools so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Traditional Style Low-Maintenance Renovation

This traditional style property needed a landscape upgrade, but homeowners didn't want plantings that would be too high maintenance.We renovated the space to include an expansive stone patio complete with a stone bubbler fountain. A small area of traditional lawn area was created but is surrounded by low-maintenance plantings and river rock "streams". Roses and grasses flank the backyard and seasonal color is pocketed through the landscape.

Natural Ponds & Waterfalls

We love creating natural streams, ponds and waterfalls that make your yard peaceful and relaxing.

Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Love to take the entertaining outdoors? We can extend your living space with outdoor rooms that include kitchens and grills.


Looking to add and extra dose of relaxation to your landscape? Fountains not only add interesting focal points to the landscape, but also introduce the element of water and its relaxing sounds. Here are a few examples of feature fountains we can incorporate into your landscape design.

Stone Work

Hardscape is an important part of any good landscape design. Stone work can be used to create focal points, accents, pathways, patios and much more. Here are a few examples of how we like to use stone work in our landacape designs to create a natural feel.

Artificial Turf

Do you have a trouble spot in your landscape where grass won't grow, but you really need it? Perhaps you have big dogs that tear up the lawn making it muddy all the time, or you just have too much shade. Perhaps the lawn is struggling up against the pool. Whatever the situation, sometimes faux is the way to go! Here are some examples of EasyTurf, a quality artificial lawn alternative.

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