Fall Pumpkins & Cool Season Color Win Yard of the Month for the 6th Time!

November 22, 2016 | By Roundtree Landscaping

By Steven Depuy, Landscape Sales & Design

Roundtree Landscape Designer, Steven Depuy, wins Yard of the Month in his neighborhood for the 6th time over the last few years! Here’s what Steven has to say about his fun, festive, award winning landscape...

Fall is my favorite season of the year. It’s great to get outdoors after the long heat spells of the summer. You’ll usually find me puttering in the yard, changing out wilting summer color for cool season favorites, weeding the beds or mulching for the upcoming winter to keep roots and the soil healthy. Not only do we manage these important fall projects in our own landscapes, but in our client’s landscapes as well to keep them at their best prior to winter weather extremes and holiday guests.

Some of our preferred plant varieties for the season, and selections I choose for my own landscape, include: crotons, cabbage & kale, coleus, black pearl ornamental peppers, ornamental grasses, cyclamen, pansies and mums.

We love filling the truck up with an assortment of pumpkins that really show a range of the amazing diversity offered as far as gourds go. Our go-to favorite’s are ‘Jacks’, ‘Casper’, ‘Peanut’, ‘One-To-Many’ (they look like bloodshot eyes), ‘Blue Hubbard’s’, ‘Jarrahdale’, ‘Cinderella’, and ‘Fairy Tale’.

Need last minute holiday decorating tips this week? Be inspired by nature and include cuttings from your landscape when decorating indoors for the holidays, add an assortment of gourds and fall color to the entryway both indoors and outdoors, and bring live plants as hostess gifts along with care instructions so they might enjoy them beyond the holidays.


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