Landscape Style: Bungalow Home

January 20, 2014 | By Roundtree Landscaping

We’re in the midst of doing our favorite winter project – planning for spring! This means we’re researching trends, expanding new ideas, and designing distinctive, creative, innovative landscapes you’ll want to live in.

We often take the style of the home into consideration when designing a landscape. For instance, if you live in a modern home, the plants and hardscape choices could soften the straight lines. If you live in a Tudor style home, you might want an English garden surrounding you. Today, we’re thinking about Bungalow, or Craftsman, style homes and what plant or hardscape choices we might recommend.

First, what is a bungalow style home? The main characteristics include a low-pitched, gable roof, large front porch, wood materials, and a simple design with minimal embellishments. Bungalow style homes are perfect for the family who loves to entertain. The large porch is always inviting when decked out with the right plush furniture and blooming plants.

Even if you don’t live in a bungalow style home, you can still be inspired by it’s simple, airy design and comfortable outdoor lifestyle.


Plants and design inspirations for Bungalow homes:

  • Pave your entry walk-up with natural slate pavers.
  • Line walkways and beds with low-growing groundcovers.
  • Add showy but easy to grow spring bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, and tulips and fall spider lilies to evoke a feeling of vintage style.
  • Are large trees surrounding your home? If so, plant lush shade plants with interesting foliage, such as Fatsia, Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’ and Cleyera. Complement with shade tolerant perennials such as bear's breech, holly fern, Lenten rose, columbine and Heuchera.
  • Do something striking…add a low, white picket fence lined with the ‘Drift’ series of roses and daylilies.
  • A distinctive stone birdbath will bring the birds to entertain you while relaxing on your porch!
  • Small, ornamental flowering trees such as Mexican plum, weeping cherry or saucer magnolia are perfect for Bungalows with smaller yards.

Keeping a harmonious vision is always important in any landscape. We know with the choices above, along with so many others on our drawing board, we can bring the outdoor living dreams to life.


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