Now is the Time: Adjust Your Watering for Spring Weather

March 15, 2017 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Every season brings different weather conditions and it's important to adjust your watering schedule as temperatures and rainfall levels shift. Sprinkler systems are a wonderful tool for bringing water to all areas of your landscape efficiently, but they are only effective if we use them properly. Without our thoughtful input, irrigation systems can do more harm than good.

Sprinkler systems may do more harm than good if not used properly. 

Here are some important tips to remember as we transition into spring.

Water deeply - but not too often

Plants are waking up in spring and deciduous trees are sprouting new leaves. Adequate water is essential for new growth. However, one of the primary contributors to fungal diseases is watering too often. Spring weather can often be wet and cool. Too much extra moisture can encourage a host of diseases on landscape plants and lawns.

Our trees, shrubs and lawn grow stronger with deeper soaks that are less frequent. Did you know that oxygen is as important to plants as water? Root systems that receive constant moisture do not allow plants to breathe. This can cause roots to rot, especially during the cool temperatures in spring. Soils that stay soggy smother the microbial activity we desire for healthy soil and robust plants. Now is the time for developing deep root systems that will sustain our landscape plants throughout the upcoming summer.

Shallow watering, which is also far too common, promotes a superficial root system that is much more susceptible to summer heat and drought. Deep root systems anchor your plants and allow them to find moisture father down in the soil. Think about how a good rain provides the optimum advantage for our landscapes. This is the well saturated effect we should strive to achieve when using irrigation. Be sure to check your automated watering schedule; if you have it set to run several times per week, then you probably want to remove a few waterings - but extend the watering times. Begin with a brief cycle and allow it to absorb so the next round has a easy time infiltrating. The goal is to get in a good inch or so of water that permeates well below the surface.

Improve soil texture

Healthy soil retains moisture more effectively and allows extensive root systems to develop with ease. Loosening compaction to increase air pockets in soil, amending with compost and encouraging microbes to multiply will get your soil in the best possible shape to uptake the water it receives.

Paying a bit of attention during this crucial season makes a big difference in how a tough summer affects your overall landscape. Environments invigorated by proper care have a much greater ability to withstand the difficulties that the next season delivers. When your lawn and landscape look their best, you can relax and enjoy the beauty they provide knowing your investment is well worth the effort.


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