Selling Your Home? 5 Tips for Boosting your Home’s Curb Appeal

March 12, 2019 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Spring is the season when many new homes will go up for sale on real estate market. Are you thinking of putting yours on the market & want it to stand out from the crowd? We have some great, easy ideas to boost curb appeal & get your home sold faster.

What does the first glance at your home say to potential buyers?

1)      Remove Clutter

Removing clutter around your landscape and outdoor entertaining spaces improves the look of your current landscape & makes it easier for the potential buys to see the space as theirs. Your kid’s bikes, sporting equipment, and blown in trash gives the appearance of an unkempt home, property and neighborhood – even if it isn’t case. Remove all but a few container plants and simplify your outdoor furniture. First impressions are everything!

2)  Stage Your Patio Furniture

Living outdoors is bigger than ever now, and homebuyers are looking for the ability to expand their living space outside. Just like you stage the inside of your home, add a few pieces outside to create outdoor rooms – like patio furniture, a grill, rugs, or even set up an outdoor bar. If your patio furniture needs repair, or has seen better days, consider purchasing a few simple updated items to give your patio a facelift.

3)      Repair Existing Irrigation

A functioning and efficient irrigation system is important to many home buyers. Irrigation systems also add value to your home, especially in Texas. If you have one, schedule an irrigation audit with us to get your system in tip top shape. Then, you’ll be able to assure your potential buyers everything is in working order. Buyers want the ease & contentment of knowing they can keep the landscape alive without dragging hoses around.

4)      Plant Seasonal Containers

A super easy fix to create a welcoming atmosphere can be as simple as adding a few container plantings to your entrance, or refreshing your already existing pots. Spring is bursting with friendly, happy blooms such as petunias, snapdragons, nemesia and alyssum. Creating a welcoming space as the buyer walks up to your home will help them to envision themselves walking in the front door daily.

Not selling right at the moment? Studies show landscaping helps improve the resale value of your home up to 13% - whenever you do choose to sell.

5)   Clean Up Landscape Beds

The easiest way to upgrade your curb appeal is by doing a full spring clean up on your existing landscape beds. Spring is the perfect time to clean up perennial beds by removing weeds and fallen leaves - and trim back old foliage or any deadwood on plants. Have your landscape maintenance company come in for a spring clean up and special pruning needs.

When you or your landscape company are finished with the spring clean up, be sure to mulch! Nothing says clean and fresh like a newly mulched landscape. Be sure to put the final touch on your entire landscape by adding a fresh layer of mulch – whether that be shredded hardwood, expanded shale, or gravel.

These simple tips can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal & make it shine for prospective home buyers. We are here to help your prepare your home for the next owners, so give us a call!


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