Plants Trends for 2018

February 13, 2018 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Recently, we shared our thoughts on hardscape elements and landscape features that are trending for 2018. But to make a landscape complete, we must balance hardscape features with the right plant choices. We compiled a list of plant trends for 2018 and moving forward.

Pollinators and wildlife habitats: One of our favorite plant trends involves better care of pollinators and urban wildlife. We are so happy to see customers requesting pollinator and wildlife friendly gardens, which are gaining in popularity. Pollinator support can be as simple as adding some milkweed for our Monarch friends, native Salvia greggii for bees, or using trumpet shaped flowers, like firebush, to attract hummingbirds. Or, we can plan your entire landscape with wildlife in mind.

Autumn Sage is a favorite of pollinators.

Ultra Violet: This year’s Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet, a vibrant purple color. Pantone colors influence everything from fashion to home décor and Ultra Violet is sure to translate into the garden as well. Think of adding Salvia ‘Amistad’ or some bright, spring blooming petunias for a pop of the happy color.

Salvia 'May Night' is the perfect ultra violet flower.

Edibles & foodscaping: Edible plants in the landscape have been popular for a few years now and we don’t see this trend slowing down in 2018. Not only is it gratifying to grow and harvest your own food—but many of the new varieties are also beautiful plants in themselves. Try out pretty scarlet runner beans along your fence line, or add eggplant ‘Pot Black’ to your patio container plantings. The edible options are endless.

Not only is swiss chard an easy to grow vegetable, it is quite ornamental!

Texture: Gone are the days of boring large lawns and monoculture plantings. People prefer to vary plantings and add more textual choices to their landscape. Texture creates visual dimension in the garden. Ornamental grasses add texture year round, but especially during the fall and winter months. Pairing smooth glossy leopard plant next to a Japanese maple creates stunning texture in your shade garden.

Farfugium adds a fun, interesting texture to your landscape.

Succulents & cactus: Another trend that shows no sign of slowing down involves water-wise plantings. Succulents and certain cactus are perfect for this in Texas. There are so many exciting, different succulents that many people are becoming collectors, and helping conserve our precious water at the same time.

Succulent collecting is a serious hobby.

Houseplants: While it may sound silly to include houseplants in a garden plant trends list, we live in Texas and that means many houseplants can live outside for a good portion of the year. They can even be planted as seasonal bedding plants. Container gardening is so popular and tropical houseplants like ficus or rubber plant create an instant oasis on your patio. Bonus—they get to live inside with you in the winter and clean your air!

A lovely mixture of houseplants and tropicals.

2018 should prove to be an exciting year in the plant word with ever-changing and exciting trends. We would love to include some of them in a design for you, so be sure contact us for an innovative plan.                                                         


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