Are you new to Texas? Plant Texas Tough Shrubs.

April 17, 2017 | By Roundtree Landscaping

If you've recently moved here from other parts of the country, we'll begin by saying “welcome” and we're glad you're here! Depending on where you're from, there's a lot to get accustomed to in the Dallas landscape, including a hot and humid climate, unpredictable winters, and tough, heavy clay soils. When making improvements to your new landscape, you may have plants from your previous home out of state that you've always been fond of, or perhaps have specific foundation shrubs in mind that you have always relied on to look great with little care. However, it's likely that many of these options will not give you the same results in our dense soils and long, hot summers. If you are from a part of the country where the summers are mild and winters are reliably cold, perhaps rhododendrons were part of your regular landscape design? If so, we have a few good shrub alternatives that will thrive much better in our unique North Texas environment.

Rhododendrons Replacements:

You might be disappointed to find these blooming beauties are rarely available from garden centers in our area. If you are able to obtain them, you will be further dismayed to watch how poorly these evergreens perform in our alkaline soils. Rhododendrons need soils with an acidic pH to thrive and properly take up nutrients.

Azaleas are a possible substitute that you will find available, but their needs are similar to other acid lovers. Since they dislike our clay soils, they require a great deal of amendments and soil preparation, not to mention a lot of water once they're planted.

Camellias make a better alternative. Though they will need acidic soil and great drainage, their beautiful late winter blooms in whites, pinks and reds as well as shiny foliage make them well worth the extra effort.

Evergreen Camellias come in a variety of bloom colors.

Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica) is a great option for landscapes that receive more sun, plus they are very low maintenance. They feature thick evergreen leaves and pretty pink springtime blooms.

Love Your Unique Texas garden

Plants provide a sense of place in a world that is increasingly homogenized. Our landscape serves a purpose beyond just looking pretty. Not only does our landscape often represent who we are aesthetically, they depend on diversity of species in order to thrive. We're here to guide you in understanding the trees, shrubs and perennials that will thrive in your new Texas landscape. Browse our Blog for more information on what to plant that is Texas tough and gorgeous in the garden. You might be surprised to find that here in Texas, where everything is bigger, our large selection of plants won’t disappoint.


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