Enjoy Your Spring by Planting in Fall

August 18, 2014 | By Roundtree Landscaping

Here in Texas, we have lovely fall weather. Still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors without winter wear and cool enough to comfortably enjoy the patio in the evenings. Yet, most homeowners don’t think about establishing new landscapes in the fall because they worry about winter temperatures damaging plants. However, fall is a much better time to plant trees, shrubs and lawns. When you wait until spring to plant, your plants will have to tough-out a hot, dry summer without much of a root system to support them. Planting in fall allows plants to put down some roots and better tolerate the summer stress.

This space will be perfect for outdoor dinners. Add a fire pit to warm up your fall patio gatherings.

Another benefit of establishing your new landscape in fall? When spring comes around in March, you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of your finished landscape instead of tearing everything up at the prettiest time of the year.  So while we understand that August isn’t traditionally a time where you want to think about doing new landscaping, it’s actually a great time to start planning for your fall renovation.

Daffodils are drought tolerant perennials we plant in fall and enjoy through spring!

While you are finishing up family vacations and trying to keep cool, start an Idea Book on Houzz or a Pinterest Board filled with all your favorite gardens, plants, styles and inspiration. Once the kids start back to school next week and the summer guests are sent home, give us a call. We can plan your outdoor kitchen, pool and lounging areas together!


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