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June 13, 2017

New to Texas? 7 Tips for Smart Summer Watering

Save water and money in your North Texas landscape with simple pro-tips.

March 15, 2017

Now is the Time: Adjust Your Watering for Spring Weather

Automatic sprinkler systems are a great tool for proper watering, but only when used efficiently.

February 28, 2017

Spring is Almost Here. Could Another Freeze Surprise Us?

Frost cloth, mulch and proper winter care will keep plants safe in a sudden freeze.

February 14, 2017

New Landscape? Don’t get Tripped Up by These Common Mistakes

Poor maintenance or no irrigation are only a couple of things to avoid in your new landscape.

November 15, 2016

Irrigation System Audit: When was the last time you scheduled one?

When your irrigation system is running properly, plants are at their most beautiful and healthy.

June 14, 2016

Protect Your Outdoor Investment with a Smart Controller

Use your smart phone to save water and money by adding a smart controller to your automatic irrigation system.

June 1, 2016

Vacation Time? Don’t Leave Your Landscape to Wilt!

Tips to keeping your landscape fresh and healthy through summer vacation.


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